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Tulsa Research Partners (TRP), the research consortium overseeing TSC, governs and advises the center through the TRP Executive Council, and they have at least these dedicated computing resources in the Tandy Community Supercomputer:

InstitutionNodesTheoretical performanceMemory
TU3512.04 TFLOP/s4.5 TB
OSU in Tulsa258.6 TFLOP/s3.2 TB
OU-Tulsa103.4 TFLOP/s1.28 TB
TCC20.7 TFLOP/s256 GB
ORU10.4 TFLOP/s128 GB
NSU31,0 TFLOP/s384 GB

Community Membership

Subject to the availability of sufficient resources on the Supercomputer, individuals, groups, businesses, and institutions may become Community Members by being granted, at no cost, metered access to the Supercomputer by TSC. Except on designated Community Nodes, such access is always subordinate to Dedicated User access. Unless otherwise arranged, such membership lasts for one calendar year.