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Star-CCM+ is a commercial multidisciplinary simulation package. STAR-CCM+ software is an all-in-one solution for multidisciplinary engineering simulation, built on the philosophy that simulation should empower engineers to discover better designs, faster. It delivers accurate and efficient simulation technologies through a single integrated user interface and automated workflows. This facilitates the analysis and exploration of complex real-world problems. With STAR-CCM+, you can predict product performance at a fraction of the cost of experimental testing and get the necessary engineering data to guide your design process.

Who can use Star-CCM+

Any client with a valid license can use Star-CCM+. There are several different licensing options for Star-CCM+, and the TSC staff is more then happy to work with clients to figure out a workflow which incorporates the chosen licensing solution.

TSC does not provide licenses for Star-CCM+, and clients will need to provide their own license.


  • Active Tandy Supercomputer account
  • Star-CCM+ license
  • Simulation file ready to run

Running Star-CCM+ on the Tandy Supercomputer

Batch Submission via the Command Line

The batch submission method is the traditional submission method for working with the supercomputer. A working knowledge of SSH and the Linux command line is needed to get satisfactory results.

  1. Setup the simulation file so it is initialized and ready to run.
  2. Upload the simulation file to the supercomputer. Check out the Transfering Files page for various ways to upload files.
  3. Login to the supercomputer via SSH. Check out the Logging In page for instructions on how to login via SSH.
  4. Move into directory which contains the Star-CCM+ files.

    cd <path/to/files>
    # Change directory example. Actual directories will vary.
    cd starccm+
  5. Copy the example bsub file for Star-CCM+ into the directory containing the Star-CCM+ files.

    cp /opt/apps/common/example_bsubs/starccm.bsub ./
  6. Personalize the example bsub file. Edit the example bsub file to reflect the who is running the job, which files should be worked on, and where the license can be found. There are several text editors on the system which can be used to edit the file, or it can be downloaded and edited then uploaded again.

    The example bsub file is setup for use with Power-on-Demand licenses. If another license format is going to be used, adjust the bsub file accordingly or ask the TSC staff for assistance.

    1. Set the SIMFILE variable to the absolute location of the sim file.
    2. Set the LICENSESERVER variable to the name of the license server to contact. The default server is the correct server for Power-on-Demand users, and clients with other licensing schemes will need to adjust the vaariable accordingly.
    3. Set the POWERONDEMANDKEY variable to the Power-on-Demand key to be used to the job.
    4. Set the location where output files should end up by editing #BSUB -o and #BSUB -e commands, approximately line 68 and 69. The location needs to be an absolute path or the location might now be found, and the output will be lost.
    5. Set the email address where updates should be sent by editing #BSUB -u, approximately line 79. The emails are very handy since the job scheduler can notify you when the job starts and ends.

  7. Once the example bsub file has been customized, it can be submited to the supercomputer for processing.

    bsub < <customized.bsub>
    # Example submission command
    bsub < starccm_ductsim.bsub
  8. Wait for the job to finish.

Batch Submission via the Science Gateway


Client-Server Session via the Star-CCM+ GUI


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